Tunable Daf

Daf (Persian Frame Drum) is made of a wooden frame in different diameter approximately between one to two and half feet covered with a fish or goat skin.
Musicians traditionally use heat in cold and humid conditions to make the sound louder and use humidity in warm and dry conditions to make the pitch through the lower notes. These adjustments are not made to tune the percussion instrument with the melodic instruments, but to have a better level of volume.

How Daf’s tuning system work?
  • The skin is in direct contact with the wooden frame and its edge is glued to an aluminum strap ring.
  • There are twelve individual tuning Allen screws embedded in the wooden frame which can pull the aluminum strap and control the
  • tension of the twelve points around the circle of the skin.
  • Because of the large surface of the skin and its sensibilities to the humidity, synthetics skins are preferred.

By using this system we can tune Daf with one of the preferred main notes of the musical piece.